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A number of built in reports are already created for typical monthly, quarterly, or annually reporting. Some reports have fixed rules which can not be changed, others have modifiable criteria to allow grouping of relevant transactions. You should consider using the ad hoc reporting feature also if it is your intention to simply search for and group together some specific transactions with common attributes. All the reports can be customised to your specific criteria, then saved as a custom report, so next time you do not have to go through the filtering process again.

Activity report

This report has three sections to show the input, output, and break down into categories (or ledgers) of all the transactions listed in the input/output sections. This report excludes all inter-account transfers, accounts which are not tax tracked, and transactions which have no ledger postings.

Detailed VAT and VAT Summary reports

These two reports are for Value Added Tax reporting purposes in the UK, although you can obviously use them for other countries. You will need to change the tax bands in the preferences section accordingly. Only entries which result in a posting to the VAT ledger account are included in these reports. A VAT account is an account whose category is set to "VAT".

Input/Output report

This is a generic report which separates the transactions into credits and debits. You can specify a number of filters to return just the transactions of interest. The report can then be saved under a different name into a custom report so you do not have to go through selecting the filters again in the next run.

Unpaid Invoices

Hard coded rule to return invoices which do not have an associated transaction in the Entry accounts.


Shows all entries which have not been reconciled. Reconciliation is covered in the Entry account section.

Monthly Cashflow

Shows the input, output and net cashflow for each moth of your financial, so you can make comparison on relative performances from one month to the next.


This report hopefully gives you an indication on how well your company has performed so far this financial year, together with any entry in the Entry accounts which have not resulted in any ledger posting. You can then address these breaks before sending the report to your accountant.

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