Transcraft My Accountant
Transcraft My Accountant


Transcraft My Accountant is divided into the following sections:

  1. Entry Accounts
  2. You can create new accounts which either mirror your current bank accounts, credit card accounts or savings accounts here

  3. Ledger Accounts
  4. These accounts can not be edited directly. Entries in the Entry Accounts above can be configured or edited to create entries in these accounts. This is your way to group together your entries into income, expenses, assets, tax etc.

  5. Invoices
  6. This section stores invoices which can be printed and posted to your clients. Invoices can be configured to generate entries directly in the Entry Accounts

  7. Reports
  8. A number of standard reports are included here which should help you budget your money, make projection, or simply to reconcile against external accounts

  9. Scheduled Entries
  10. Entries which are period can be entered here. You can place your standing orders and direct debits in this section

  11. Allocation Rules
  12. You can enter pre-configured allocation rules here to facilitate data entry in the Entry Accounts section. This facility is useful for automatically calculating value added taxes

Other features:


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