Transcraft My Accountant
Introducing Transcraft My Accountant, the revolutionary new application which is designed to free up more time for you and gives you back control of your financial matters. Unlike other accounting packages, this application was designed from the ground up with ease of use and control as the specific requirements. The following features will hopefully influence your decision to give us a try:
  • the software is free
  • the software is open source (meaning you can grab a copy of the source code to see how it is done, or better still, modify it to suit your needs)
  • the software is available on most popular platforms, so you can run exactly the same software, with the same features and file formats on Windows, Linux or even Mac OS X platforms. The application will blend in seamlessly with your native environment with none of the sluggishness.
  • powerful reporting suite, which is fully extendable. Reports can be formatted in either html, PDF, or even XML
  • automatic tax calculation for invoice functions and ledger entries
  • Ability to open multiple books, and to transfer entries between them using the clipboard or drag and drop
  • automatic zooming between entry accounts, ledger accounts and invoices, so you can track the postings and perform impact analysis very quickly
  • revolutionary ad hoc reporting facility. You can quickly select entries which share common criteria, and click on either the html or PDF button to generate a professional report for the selected entries
  • built in reconciliation engine, making it easy to reconcile your entries against external statements
  • Memorised transactions with full ledger postings, so you can put in new periodic entries with minimum key strokes
  • Scheduled entries facility, for Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • Year end operation to cut to a new file with only the new year's transactions, keeping the database small and responsive
  • three separate reporting periods, namely financial tax year, VAT quarters, and Company reporting year, keeping the tax man, the VAT man, and your accountant happy
  • Key bindings for most functions, allowing for speedy data entry
  • multiple level password protection, separating between normal data entry and other privileged functions. Your data is protected against unauthorised access
  • multi-lingual. Internationalisation is built in, allowing you to customise the application to speak any language of your choice. Unicode is supported, so it can even speak non Latin based languages. Regional tax regimes can also be configured in, although the default application comes with British tax codes
  • full control of ledger postings, with ledger accounts being created automatically on the fly as you enter your data. The whole application revolves around the data entry screen and accounting functions will attempt to make intelligent decisions for you on your behalf. You can always override or fine tune these rules at any time

There are many other features, but why not give us a test drive ? It is the best way to make up your mind.

If you are interested in the technical aspects of this application, or if you want to make feature requests, or maybe want to report a problem, please use the technical page on this site or use the Sourceforge Forum.

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