Transcraft My Accountant
Transcraft My Accountant

Password protection

Your book file can be protected by a user name / password. Once it is protected, the user name and password will have to be entered before the application opens.

Once a file is password protected, it will always be protected, even if you set the password back to nothing. You can set up multiple users, but only one user has administrator privilege, the user admin. New users can only be added by the admin user. You can switch from one user to another by clicking on the "Switch user" button on the toolbar. You can use the same screen to change your password by putting your current password into the old password field and your new password into the password field (the password will only be changed to the new one if the current one matches, of course).

Please note that the passwords are all stored in their encrypted formats, using one way encryption. It is therefore not possible to recover lost passwords, so make sure you store your password safely somewhere.

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